*United NYC Half Facebook Community*


Thanks for stumbling onto this page! If you happen to be running the United NYC Half Marathon, I am currently hosting an online community on Facebook of over 200 runners who are participating in the race. The group keeps growing in size every day and it is amazing to see how many people from around the country and around the world will be coming to New York for this half marathon! If you are running and would like to join, follow the link here to the page and request to join. I will accept your request in no more than a few hours.

Once in the group, enjoy the conversations about preparing for the United NYC Half Marathon on March 18th. Gain insightful tips from members who have run the race before.  Of course enjoy conversations about running in general! As I mentioned, there are runners from all over the world running this race, you might be surprised to find someone from your area running this race too!

United NYC Half Marathon Facebook Community