* We Run NYC Running Club


We Run NYC Running Club!

When I started this blog a few months back, I knew two things. 1) that I wanted to up my running game and race more. 2) I wanted to inspire others to also run and additionally if they already were running, to bring more like minded people together.

In looking back since I started this in November, I have definitely increased my mileage to where I have never had it before! The mileage increase however has been a minor footnote in the last few months.

When I was accepted into the United NYC Half Marathon, I wanted to act on my idea of meeting runners and bringing them together. So I formed a nice little facebook group page of runners that were running the United NYC Half Marathon. When I formed it, I simply thought I would meet a few runners running the race, maybe we could share some stories, some tips going into the race and who knows what else.

Today the group has over 600 members. With my sincerest gratitude, this group has formed into a very active community of runners who today share one main goal in mind – to train and prepare for the United NYC Half Marathon. Aside from that one goal however, runners have found valuable information not just about preparing for the United NYC Half Marathon but also about so many other aspects about their running. This group has members from all across the country and even around the world. Members have found runners in their neighborhoods to meet up with and share a run, and not just in NYC but across the country.

As a by product of forming this group, members in New York City went ahead and started to get together to do group runs. Overall, there was a sense of enjoyment being shared by several members at just being part of the group. All of this led to the group wanting an identity. This group couldn’t be called “The United NYC Half Marathon” group anymore (lol).

As I thought about what we could name this group, I went back and thought about why I formed this group originally – I just wanted to bring runners together no matter who they were, where they were from, what level of runner they were, or even what language they spoke. So if I was going to give this group a name, it needed to transcend beyond the United NYC Half Marathon race. I also wanted this group name to speak to everyone that was currently in the group, even the members that live internationally. What I learned as being a part of this group is that a lot of people love to run in New York City. Its not just those that live here.

Cue up – We Run NYC Running Club (We Run NYC RC)

We Run NYC RC Members At NYRR Gridiron 4 Mile Race in early Feb!

It may sound cliche, but this name truly represents the folks that were in this United NYC Half group. Further, it can continue to represent all of those runners whether from NYC or not, who will look forward to races in New York City like the New York City Marathon, the United NYC Half Marathon or the Brooklyn Half Marathon. In essence this running club is different than most running clubs that you see in New York. It quite possibly stands to be an International running club made up of runners from all over the world.

For New York runners, We Run NYC RC presents a chance to meet up with other New York runners to exchange stories, meet new friends or just go on group runs with other local runners. Further runners from NYC will have a chance to meet runners from all across the country, giving them an opportunity to network and socialize with someone just as passionate about running as they are. Already I have met runners in Georgia, California and Oklahoma just to name a few. Chances are if I am ever in their neck of the woods, I can turn to them for great tourist suggestions, or even better, quality running routes, or maybe even a running partner while I am away. This networking benefit is obviously available to every single member too!

For runners from out of state, We Run NYC RC gives them a friendly space to come, learn and gain valuable insight about coming to New York for a race. It’s an opportunity to get race day logistic tips so that they can focus on their race and not have to worry about scrambling in their prep. From lodging recommendations, to transportation to and from their race, even how to dress for races,  to just about anything else they can think of, they can chat away in this group to gain valuable information. For non New Yorkers, I like to think of We Run NYC RC as an out of towner’s running club away from home!

Preparing the United NYC Half is not the only race that we have planned. Those from the group who have embraced We Run NYC RC are already talking about running several races together. In fact, just last week, we became an officially recognized running club by the New York Road Runners club!

One of our weekly group runs!

Since our prep for the United NYC Half Marathon has inspired so many, we’ve started a few more similar facebook groups. One for the Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon and another for the prestigious TCS New York City Marathon! You can join those too by clicking on the links!

But that’s not all, we will be running races all year and all over the country under the We Run NYC Running Club name!

The enthusiasm inspired us to start up some gear to give us an identity. You can find some of that merchandise here! 

I truly believe that the sky is the limit for this group and I am excited to see this year play out for the club!

As I mentioned above, I never thought that starting an online Facebook group would turn into a running community such as We Run NYC RC!

If you are interested in joining our finding out more about our running club, please drop me an email at @werunnycrc@gmail. com ! You can also follow us on social media – on twitter at @werunnycrc or on instagram at @werunnycrc!